Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our finances saw a big boost today. I wasn’t given any explanation for where the money came from, but when I first checked our records, there was a lot more cash in our available funds than I remembered there being.

Along with the money, we suddenly have 12 more proxies in the city. They’ve all been in the field since they arrived, so I haven’t met them yet. I think I recognized one of their names: Sloth. But I’d thought he was one of Fracture’s people? Whatever’s happening, I’m apparently not important enough to be briefed on it.

We had a minor issue last night when the Jacksons came in with another wounded proxy for Lepidus. I was a bit surprised to see that it wasn’t a low level grunt this time, but Ahriman. He was screaming as they carried him through the door; at first I thought it was in pain, but when I got closer I realized he was just ranting very loudly.

A: “… traitorous, cowardly fools! Do they think they can just defy Father? They shall all face the coming reckoning! Father shall their worthless limbs off one by one and hang them by the necks form his branches! Such heretics shall not be suffered to live!”

Since Ahriman wasn’t exactly paying attention to me, I had to ask Gabriel what had happened.

G: “Ahriman’s been going to the city’s gangs that work for us and giving them orders to deal with Arkady. But one of them seems to have decided they don’t feel like taking orders from us anymore. When Ahriman told them he wanted them to comb the streets, they said no. And when he tried shouting at them, they attacked us.”

D: “They… wait, they… can they do that?”

G: *He shrugged.* “Why not? Everyone’s too busy looking for Arkady to deal with a couple snot nosed punks who think they’re tough.”

D: “So we’re just going to let them break away?”

G: “For now. We’ll take care of them once Arkady is dead. Just so long as no one else decides to imitate them, it won’t be a problem.”

In spite of how beat up he was, Ahriman didn’t spend much time recovering, even with Lepidus’ insistence that he rest. He slept for the night, and then left the first thing in the morning, head still bandaged and arm in a sling, saying he didn’t have time to sit around. I almost like crisis mode Ahriman. He’s too busy to bully us.


  1. I look forward to the day when Ahriman is brought low. He seems to be an arrogant man.


  2. Less than a month and Arkady is already shaking the foundations of your organization.

  3. Oh good. He actually showed up. I was afraid the coward was gonna hit the scene and immediately bail.

    1. So, what are you going to do when your bureaucracy crumbles? Or at least schisms?

    2. I am a schism of the Bureaucracy so... I guess I'll just continue to run the Free Market. Hope it doesn't do the same.

    3. I have no one to blame but myself for theming my organization after capitalism.

    4. Well, if anything, I admire your willingness to take responsibility for it.

    5. What can I say. I got class.

  4. I think I love this Arkady character. Finally some "colleagues" are getting their heads out of the shitter and start bending the rules. Not a bunch of mindless puppies who go and do whatever they are told.

    Once the majority starts doing that, there will be chaos, chaos will cause destruction and I will be in the front row seat, or maybe even partaking in that destruction, oh this is beautiful.