Friday, September 14, 2012

Time Flies

Time sure flies, doesn’t it. Especially when routine is the norm.

I haven’t felt any compulsion to blog since my last post. And I’m thankful for that. Life’s a lot easier when you aren’t trying to memorize everything so you can record it later.

But for what all my readers are really interested in: I have not acted on your advice, and my relation with Lepidus remains unchanged. Because taking orders from one faceless stranger is enough for me, thank you very much.

Apart from my romantic failings, everything’s gotten a lot better these days. We’re no longer struggling just to stay alive, and Ahriman can’t bully us with threats of tattling our failures to the higher ups. Because I’ve met the higher ups, and he’s a way nicer boss than Ahriman.

Even Sky seems to have caught onto the mood. Lately she’s started going out every day, instead of hanging around the apartment. I don’t know what she does when she’s outside, and I don’t’ think I want to know, but she always seems happy when she comes back. It’s been weeks since she had a violent outburst, which is a new record. Between us not having to pay for her breaking things, the increased funding, and the money that the Jacksons seem to magic out of whatever side jobs they have, we might even be able to buy a new television for the place.

Think about that. A big, flat screen TV. Everyone could gather around and watch one of those plays Lepidus constantly keeps on his Netflix Instant Queue, but in comfort, instead of trying to huddle around a tiny box like we usually do. We’d have some popcorn that we could pass along, taking bites in between quoting lines that we’ve heard so many times. Not having to worry about the people who died because of us that day, or the people who will die the next. Just a happy moment where we pretend we’re normal.

It’s a nice dream. I think I’ll hold onto it for a while.