Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cast and Crew

I mentioned a lot of names last post. I suppose I should explain who they are.

Lepidus has been working for the Boss the longest amongst us. He used to be a doctor, before he got caught up in everything. Now he patches proxies up after they’ve become so beaten up that their “condition is interfering with the completion of their mission,” which usually isn’t until their at death’s door. He’s also unofficially in charge of this loft by merit of being the only one capable of keeping us all together without someone killing someone else.

Andrew and Gabriel Jackson are your standard track, stalk, then kill a target style of proxy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them separate. Andrew’s the big guy, Gabriel’s the short smart one. Playing right into the clich├ęs with those two, I guess. There’s not much else I can say about them, since they don’t talk much.

Sky is… I don’t know what Sky’s job is. I don’t think anyone else does, either. Far as I can tell, she’s just some crazy girl who we need to babysit because… something. Because something.

Ahriman’s our boss. He’s an asshole. “Obey He That Is’ will this,” “Death to the pathetic fools who defy our Father that,” “Blah blah I have an inflated sense of self worth.” You know the type.

That’s everyone. There are several more proxies in the area, but I try not to get attached to anyone my job doesn’t force me to personally interact with. We tend not to last long enough for gathering friends to be worth the effort.

Good enough post for today. I’ll be sure to bring you another exciting post about filing out official looking forms soon enough.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Daily Routine

7 AM, wake up. My alarm’s always set for 9, but Sky’s nonsensical screams of terror wake me up early every day. Sometimes it’s my turn to take care of her, so I need to go to her room and talk her down from whatever nightmare she had. When it’s not, I hide my head under my pillow and unsuccessfully try to will myself back to sleep.

Once morning has made clear its victory over me, it’s out to the kitchen. Lepidus is making breakfast for everyone there. How he manages to appease the tastes f all five proxies living here, I’ll never know. Has to be a gift.

Sky comes in after me. On her good days, she’ll eat whatever we put in front of her in silence. On her bad days, we’re cleaning omelets off the ceiling.

The Jackson Brothers almost always arrive as I’m finishing my meal. They sit down, eat, get up, and walk out the door without acknowledging anyone. They never say where they’re going, we never ask. The perfect arrangement.

And then, it’s time to get to work. My laptop’s inbox is always full of messages from the night before. Have to log which new Runners have been found, and which have disappeared/been killed. Double check to make sure we didn’t lost anyone as well. Then I have to go through all the paperwork to make sure it’s all filled out correctly. We’ve got paperwork for everything: tracking people, killing people, failing to kill people, weapon use, vehicle use, so on and so on and so on.

Money’s always the biggest problem. I need to add up the donation’s we’ve received, any money taken off dead Runners (each time followed by me sending a mass email reminding everyone that, no, you do not get to keep the cash you loot from people,) plus the money the Jackson brothers bring in doing… whatever it is they do. All I know is that it pays very well. Then subtract the cost of bribing the police, maintaining equipment, medical treatment, “various expenses” (You have no idea how much shit proxies try to get away with by labeling it as “various expenses.” I had to deal with a guy trying to purchase a plane because he wanted to carpet bomb the town a Runner was hiding in.) With all of it added together, we usually have enough to ensure every proxy in the area will have food for five days. Which would be fine, except we get money on a weekly basis, which means either we all spend two days starving, or someone is going to end up eating a lot of ramen to make up for the expenses. And by someone I mean me.

Without any distractions, it’s possible for me to finish by dinner. But that never happens. Sky will have a random freak out, or an injured proxy will be brought in for Lepidus to look at, or maybe even Ahriman will deem us worthy to be graced by his presence so he can complain that our productivity isn’t high enough (to which I always respond by telling him that if he has found someone capable of doing a better job than me, I will gladly step down. That shuts him up.) At least Lepidus is nice enough to bring dinner to my room, so I don’t starve in there.

With all those issues to take care of, I won’t be done until midnight at the earliest. Usually much later. Then it’s time to collapse into bed, so this can all be repeated the next morning.

And that’s what I’ve been doing every day for almost a full year now.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let's get this over with

Well. Here I am. Never imagined I’d be the type who ended up blogging. But I guess those rumors about the “Compulsion” were true: one day you wake up and you have to tell people what’s happening to you. Or maybe there’s nothing supernatural about it. Maybe I’m just feeling really lonely today and the anonymous mass of the internet seems like a good listener. Either way, now I’ve got a blog.

I probably should introduce myself. I’m Diana. I’m what you people call a proxy. A Slenderproxy, to be specific. I’m sure that word is bringing all kinds of images to your heads. Masks, hoodies, knives….

Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not the sort of stuff I’m involved in. I… am a middle management paper pusher. I get the glorious task of overseeing all the things in this city (and surrounding areas) which my coworkers are too psychopathic to handle. Making sure funding gets to the right people, tracking our members’ movements so we don’t accidentally lose someone (it’s happened before,) collect receipts so we’ve got some kind of financial record, and most importantly, keep everyone fed. I won’t lie, it’s a lot of work for one girl to handle. A lot of really, really boring work. But that’s my life.