Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Having so many people is definitely making living here cramped, but we’re making do. Manton made a strict list of rules and responsibilities that everyone has to follow, including trading off chores. Which is good, because without that I think Lepidus would have tried to handle everything by himself.

Fox has learned not to bother the Boss at night, and most of the others aren’t a problem. The sane ones (Manton, Fox, Larry, Valar, April,) help us out, and most of the weird ones (Barbarossa, Null,) keep to themselves. The only problem is Nightgaunt, who loves to talk about the various ways he would kill each one of us if given a reason. I hate it, but Manton won’t get rid of him, because he’s “the best killer we’ve got on this team.”

Although he did get some karmic retribution when he tried his talk on Sky. I know Lepidus and I promised to make sure he never got alone in a room with her, but he managed to slip away from us. When I found them, he had cornered Sky and was telling her his plans, which in her case involved more than just killing. She wasn’t reacting at all to his tirade, and just kept staring at him with her head tilted slightly to the side. Until without warning, she bit his hand.

He screamed, looked down at his hand, and I rushed into the room to stop him before he could attack her. But when Nightgaunt looked back up at her, he froze completely. Somehow Sky had gotten hold of a huge hair spider, and was holding it toward him.

S: “You’re the one with the spiders.” *She scrunched up her face like she was trying hard to remember something.* “You and… another human went down into a basement. You saw… you saw the Slender Man down there, and when you did, hundreds of spiders came out and covered you. The other human, he… she? She tried to run, and the spiders ate her. You had to stand still as they crawled all over you, while the Slender Man watched you for the entire night.”

Suddenly Sky threw the spider at him, and he ran. That spider scurried around on the floor until Sky squished it, and then she walked back to her room.

In other news, Dumas called in with his first report. There’s not much in it that we couldn’t have figured out from reading Kenny’s blog, honestly.

“The target Runner has been named ‘Silent Bob’ by the others in his group. I don’t think they’ve actually seen ‘Clerks’, they just heard the name somewhere and gave it to him. No one knows anything about him before he started following Jenny and Ryan. The only hints of a past are the four scars along his face, but there’s no way of knowing where those came from.

“Most of the time, he seems like he’s practically in a coma. He’ll find someplace to sit down, and then stare straight ahead until someone interacts with him. He reacts to basic statements and instructions, but he never says anything, and his eyes are never focused on anything. I’ve tried getting a response out of him, but the only time he’s reacted to me was when I put my hand on his shoulder, and he nearly broke my wrist.

“I know there was some fear that he could sense proxies, but considering he hasn’t done anything to me, I’m starting to doubt that. I think he just might be extremely aware of potential threats. Honestly, he kinda makes me think of a machine, or an animal. He follows basic instinct to keep himself alive, but beyond that there doesn’t seem to be any conscious thought.

“I’ll see if I can find out anything more about him, but I don’t know how much I’ll be able to dig up considering how unresponsive he is.”

Dumas also sent us a photo of Bob from his phone. He looks almost exactly like a cliché hobo: long, wild bear and hair that probably haven’t seen a pair of scissors in years, and wearing raggy clothes. But it’s not a perfect comparison: he looks closer to my age than I’d have expected, and he’s in better shape than any hobo I’ve known.

Manton decided to print out several copies of the picture, and has spread them amongst our organization so everyone knows who we’re dealing with. Sky came in when he was making copies, and asked if it was of the man who’d hurt Andrew. When we told her it was, she took a copy for herself. She’s been staring at the picture since then, and it’s making me worried. I really hope she doesn’t do anything that’ll get herself hurt.

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