Friday, April 5, 2013

I asked Sky about what she’d said when she woke up, but she claimed she didn’t remember any of it. When I tried pressing the issue, she clamped down and refused to say anything else. I spoke with Manton about Sky’s warning, but he refuses to take the advice of “a mad little girl.” The fact that Sky’s taken to standing completely still in the corners of rooms and staring at him probably hasn’t helped his opinion of her sanity.

Since he wouldn’t listen to me, I decided to talk directly to Dumas instead. The next time he called in to report, I managed to speak with him privately over the phone.

Di: “Hey, so… you got Sky’s call?”

Du: “Yeah. Freaked me out at the time, especially after I read the full story on your blog, but Bob hasn’t done anything yet. You think she might have been wrong about this?”

Di: “I hope so. She says a lot of crazy stuff. If we’re lucky this is just another one of those.”

Du: “… You know, to be completely honest, if it turns out that Bob really is some kind of ticking time bomb that’s going to kill us all… it’s not me I’m the most worried about. It’s these kids.”

Di: “The ones we’re targeting?”

Du: “Heh, yeah. It’s stupid of me to get attached to them. But Jenny’s just this little ball of energy and happiness, and Ryan’s trying so hard to help out and wants to keep everyone safe… it’s hard not to feel sympathy for them. Even if we are on opposite sides. I keep telling myself it’s in these kids’ best interests for us to turn them to our side, so they’ll be safe from Slender Man… but I’ve seen what a proxy’s life is like, and I can’t say I’d wish that on them.”

Di: “Do, um, you not want me to post this conversation on my blog? Because what you’re saying is getting a bit dangerous….”

Du: *He sighed.* “No, go ahead. I’ll follow my orders and keep sending any intel I find. Maybe posting this will make my superiors realize how horribly suited I am for this kind of job, and they’ll use someone else next time.” *He laughed* “And if they don’t like what I’m saying, what are they going to do about it? Send proxies after me? I’ve got Silent Bob protecting me!”

Di: “Dumas… that’s really… really kinda treasonous talk….”

Du: “Yeah… I know. Dumas out.”

Di: “Wait no I’m not done-”

And then he hung up.


  1. Would be an interesting turn of events, if there was a sudden treason.

    This "Silent Bob" guy is quite the interesting picture. I am pretty eager to find out who he is, made a lot of assumptions in my head to who it could be, one of those assumptions, is that he is Zeke Strahm, funny I know. But I mean, in some sense, he did make your "Boss" lose.

    But those are just assumptions, assumptions and more assumptions. On a completely different note, I just red up your blog, quite an interesting organization Proxies have I must admit. I'm the kind of person who is out of the loop, I knew there were cults, but for there to be organizations, I mean I knew there were people who donated them money. But I never thought it would be THIS organized.

    Well thats my two scents in the jar, now to read up on other blogs.

    - Mr. Incognito.

  2. Okay, fine. Sky says a lot of crazy stuff, but has she ever said anything that wasn't accurate?

    I'm getting a second hand account here and details are important.

    Has anyone made Truth aware of what Sky said?

    He seems to value her opinion.

    1. She's said a lot of completely random things without connection to reality, but she hasn't been doing that as often lately. She's been surprisingly coherent lately, which is why I'm worried about this.

      I don't have a direct connection to Truth, but I'll see if I can ask Ahriman or Manton to tel him about this. Hopefully they'll listen to me, although Manton's already made his opinion clear about this.