Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Orders

Ahriman showed up at our doorstep with over half a dozen proxies and yet more new orders. The Runner group that nearly killed Andrew has still been causing us problems, so Ahriman wants to send in a full hunter-killer team to take care of the problem. I didn’t know what that had to do with any of us, but then he explained.

A: “Our targets were supposed to be the two children, Jenny and Ryan. They would have been easy targets, and quickly driven to despair, or as Truth hoped, into the arms of Father. But the two other Runners have been thwarting our efforts. We’ve identified one as a blogger named ‘Kenny’ He’s not our concern, and Truth has ordered us to not interfere with him. But we have no idea who the other one is, which is troubling, as he’s the one who seems to be causing us the most problems.”
*Ahriman pointed at Dumas.*
“Truth has decreed that you will infiltrate the group and learn everything you can about this fourth Runner. Once you have learned all you can, we will send in this team to eliminate him, and then we can return to converting the two young Runners.”

Du: “Wait… why me?”

A: “Are you questioning Father’s will? Remember your place. Your position is still precarious after your last incident with He That Is.”

Du: *Dumas waved a and in front of him.* “No, I’m not questioning it, I just want to know why I was chosen for, this, um… honor.”

A: *Ahriman seemed appeased by this reply.* “Because you retain enough control of your mental faculties to work as an infiltrator, and you are expendable enough that it will be no loss if you are discovered and killed.”

*Dumas didn’t look happy about that “expendable” part. I wouldn’t have been happy either if I was in his place.*

*Ahriman waved for the proxies behind him to come inside.*

A: “This is the team which will be used to eliminate the Runner. They will stay here for the duration of the mission, and keep in contact with Dumas.”

*I did a quick headcount. There were eight total.*

Di: “Um, sir, we don’t have room for eight more people….”

A: “Make room. These are your orders. You will carry them out.”

And with that polite farewell, Ahriman left.

I quickly got introduced to the eight new proxies, and tried to figure out where we’d find space for them. I’m going to write their names down here so I can remember them:

There’s Manton, who I think is one of Truth’s personal proxies, judging by the suit and the professional attitude. Tall, with a shaved head. If his skin wasn’t so dark you’d almost mistake him for the Boss. I’m pretty sure he’s the leader of the group, or maybe everyone just respects him enough to do what he says.

If Manton’s the leader, then Fox has to be his lieutenant. She’s the kind of woman I’d have been jealous of back when I had time to worry about how I looked, but these days it just makes me question how she finds the time to make herself up like that. I recognized her name from some of the papers I’ve done: she’s definitely one of our better people in the city, especially when it comes to getting rid of troublesome Runners.

I had a bit of a double take when I heard the third proxy’s name: Larry. Yes, it’s his birth name. Not many proxies keep theirs. He’s a really sullen looking ex-military guy. Doesn’t talk much, glares a lot. I think he and the Jacksons will get along great.

Of course, we’ve also got the mandatory psychopath proxy. Skinny, smiles a lot, wears too many knives, and calls himself Nightgaunt. I’ve read his names in my paperwork as well, but unlike Fox, it wasn’t because of any positive accomplishments. Usually it’s because we need to cover up the collateral damage he’s caused. I really don’t like the way he was leering at Sky. I talked with Lepidus, and we’ve agreed to make sure he never gets alone in a room with her.

Then we’ve got Valar. With that name, I thought he was going to be a crazy guy who thinks he’s in Lord of the Rings, but he’s probably the most normal out of all of them. He just picked the name because he thought it sounded cool. As nice and friendly as he was, it’s hard to believe he’s part of a kill team.

Barbarossa, however, is exactly the sort of person I’d expect on this kind of team. Big, angry, constantly looking like he’s about to lash out and hit someone. Worst of all, he seems to have Ahriman’s mentality toward the Boss. “Father this, Father that.” You know.

After him, there’s April. She’s obviously the newest in the group, and seems to be having a hard time adjusting to the proxy life. Which, if experience has taught me anything, means she’ll be dead within a few months tops.

Finally, Null. I don’t know what’s up with him. He always wears a blank mask, and never speaks.

Those are all the new people. At least them being here means we’re going to get paid more, but it’s still going to get really cramped. Living arrangements were a mess to handle, especially once it became clear there was simply no way we could fit everyone and still let Sky have her own room. We immediately vetoed Nightgaunt’s offer to share her room, and Lepidus came up with an arrangement that worked for almost everyone. I’m rooming with Sky again, and Fox as well this time. I really don’t want to be in that room at night, but I can’t bring myself to trust any of the new people in there alone with her. I’ll just have to live with this until Dumas finishes his mission and the team can leave.

I really hope he finishes his mission quickly.

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  1. You should be more concerned with whether Dumas is going to be coming back at all. That forth runner preemptively noticed, tracked, and thrashed the Jackson brothers using his sense of smell of all things.

    He's like a vicious dog or something.

    Side note:
    I call Father Father all the time. I'd like to think I'm not a douche bag about it... am I?