Thursday, January 9, 2014


I know I said I wouldn’t do another rant post, especially so soon after that last one, but I have to. I promise I’ll make this up to everyone. Maybe with a week’s worth of posting nothing but silly memes.

It looks like I’ve got a stalker now. He’s a really creepy guy; he’s dressed like a homeless person, and he’s got all these scars on his face. And whenever I see him, he’s always smirking at me. At first I thought it was just a weird coincidence that I kept seeing him, but when I got home from work, he was waiting across the street. Before anyone panics, I already called the police. He was gone before they arrived, but I hope they’ll take care of it all soon.

To end this on a brighter note, Raychel and her husband are coming over for later this week. Maybe that will help take my mind off of this.


  1. Pretty sure your stalker's got a name. Ar KAY dee.

    If you're able to read this, could you remind me what the date is?

  2. But where does that put sky? Are they still in the office building? And who Framed Rodger Rabbit?

    At least we know 2/3rds of them is still alive. Silver linings.