Monday, January 6, 2014


Hey there, followers. I hope you all had a better day than me.

Nothing funny or interesting for this blog today; I’m using it to vent. I hope this will just be a one-time thing, and I can get back to posting fun content soon.

It feels like all our customers got together and agreed that today would be the day to call in and complain. I was called a bitch by four different people on the phone today, and got shouted at by three more. And then my boss came in to give us a speech about how he’s been receiving complaints about our customer service. He didn’t mention me by name, but he made it clear that he was talking about me. I swear, it feels like I have the worst job I could imagine.

I did get some cheering up when I came home, and Jack had already set up dinner for me. I’m really lucky to have him.

But enough complaining. Tomorrow, I’ll have a real post for everyone.

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  1. I hope this is a timey wimey thing, and not a mental breakdown, Diana. :c